Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No Good People!

Sometimes we get to be with people who we don’t like. We are left with no choice but to be with them since you work together for the same goal. You get pissed off most of the time because even if you’re trying to please them, they still aren’t contented.

I’m a person who has high pride when confronted with my family, but no pride when it comes to people outside the circle of my folks. I just don’t like the thought of having conflicts with the people I work with. Even if I’m hurt because their actions, I would rather keep it to myself and pretend that I’m okay and forget it.

I do commit mistakes most of the time, but I accept them and I always do apologize for it just to make things okay so things wouldn't come to worse. Sometimes I really do get pissed off; all I would do is cry because of so much anger inside and keep quiet. But these people? They get abusive. Just because they know that I don’t talk much and always apologize, they dare to get angry so bad that they tell everyone they could kill. Maybe that’s the ways they are. But, maybe it’s just so unfair. I go down to the level wherein I try to make things okay and lower my pride just to keep it clean. And they don’t. Sometimes it does hurt a lot, I get bothered, scared and worried. Specially when it comes dealing with people you have debts with. They make you feel that you become their posession just because you owe them. Sometimes you would rather find ways to pay them back so that you won’t have to deal with their stupid punch lines that pisses you and irritates you so much.

I want to try a new life, where in I could achieve together with the people I work with. Not stuck with some institution who they think they’ve given their best for their people but actually did not.


  1. dont worry, it is normal to be mad.. i m crazy at times too..and i always tell my frens to knock my head if i go overboard with madness.. :)

  2. just came across your blog, you have a lot of good insights and thougts to share.


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